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    Not that I miss them at all, really they were just a pain in the *** to delete in Filez because they stayed even after I deleted the app they were made by, but what happened to the 84b files that used to be made whenever a program was run? (I just upgraded from the 600 to the 700p and the 700p doesn't seem to have them)
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    Your 600 had NVFS?

    Yeah, those, and the TMP files, are all annoying. And sometimes the TMP files are 1-2k, but I've seen them as large as 140k. Never know what's created them, there's no obvious data inside them.
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    No, I meant that in NVFS, what happened to the files. They were there before NVFS on the 600, and I wanted to know why they're gone now. They were very annoying though so I'm glad they're gone.

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