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    I think he was referring to the Fox New Mobile channel for Avantgo
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    Yes, I was referring to the Fox News Mobile division of Fox News. I was at AvantGo's HQ yesterday and asked them point blank what happened to the Fox News channel. They told me that division was gone, or went under, or something like that. Anyway, AvantGo itself isn't responsible for the disappearance of Fox News as a channel.

    They also said that e-mails were or are supposed to go out to all AvantGo users who subscribed to the Fox News channel to tell them of the situation and suggest to them the CNN news channel.

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    So does this mean there is no longer FoxSports either? I haven't been able to get that channel for over 1/2 month. I really liked it for the regional coverage. I still see it listed as one of the top channels so I'm confused....
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