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    I recently migrated from ATT to Cingular (believe it or not), I had my Treo 650 Unlocked before traveling to europe recently, so I had no trouble using the Cingular SIm in my ATT Treo.
    Recently, I've noticed that my phone is in the "S.O.S. Emergency Use Only" mode, which is typically due to either no signal (like when I'm in the middle of a huge grocery store calling my wife to find out what brand of tampons she needed) or when the SIM gets dislodged. I got the new SIM carrier from Palm last year. This never happened with the ATT plan I was on, so can it bre the network or the SIM?

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    I surmise that it's your sim.

    You may have some options: New SIM or if you call and report this to HAVE them re-send SIM information (it used to be force CSR or a Tech to force you to 'blue' towers or 'orange' towers...

    I know why it ocurred to me:
    I had an OLD 32k SIM and it wanted to keep me on T-mobile towers (here in SoCal), now that I 'upgraded' to a 64k 3G sim... I NO LONGER get the SOS EMERGENCY CALLS ONLY... i stopped receiving OTA updates long ago so i was NEVER going to just use ATT/CINGULAR towers...

    You have some options, it is definitely your SIM CARD... either get it re-programmed (OTA) or a NEW sim...

    Now it's the WAITING GAME: a GSM Palm Pre
    T680 (COPPER) + Cingular = FUN!!
    My T650 & 6230b and NX70 are retired... =(

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