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    this thread is really...really...stupid...
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    thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to address this issue.....
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    maybe it's just me but if I don't have the key guard on and the phone called a person I would assume it's cause I pressed the call button on accident...not sprint unilaterally calls people...
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    I have had the exact same problem a couple of times since I have had my phone as well. The first time it was in my pants pocket and I just figured that somehow the number was dialed by accident, even though I have always used keyguard.

    The second time, though, was by no means a harmless mistake. My phone was just sitting on my computer desk. I get a call from someone asking what I wanted since they had just left my apt. I said that I did not call them yet they had a missed call from me. I checked my call log and it showed no outgoing call, I checked her phone and it had a missed call from me. Now I dont know what to think because my phone was beside me the whole time and I never touched it.

    Just thought I would let you know that it has happened to others as well.
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    I have sprint with no such problem.

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    My Sprint 700p has initiated calls several times after I put it in the case -- always to the person I just finished calling. I have keyguard set to "5 seconds after power off." I'm guessing that putting it the case sometimes pushes that controversial green button. Its one and only use may be to make calls I don't want to make. (Sometime maybe I'll get around to reprogramming that unproductive button.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by aph View Post
    Were you serious when you actually posted that you thought a network carrier made a phone call on your behalf? Seriously...
    Maybe he was. I just had this happen to me (though I'm more likely to blame the hardware ). 700P on car center console, flat, not touching anything. Keyguard on, screen off. Wife's phone starts to ring in her purse with my assigned ring tone...look down at Sprint Treo and screen is lit, it's on an active call to my wife and keyguard is on. Nothing touched the phone, BT wasn't on and headset was left at home. The thing dialed on it's own...

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