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    I have T-mobile. Never had Cingular. Always wanted to get rid of the Cingular logo on the front top above the screen. I read today somewhere to try sugar to remove logos but that didn't do anything. So it got me thinking, there has to be a way to "un-brand" my phone.

    Anyone do this? If you rub your finger over the Cingular logo you can feel it. Has to be some way to remove it. Even if I could decrease it some that would be cool.

    Oh, yes I searched. Someone just help if you can. Thanks!
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    is this the sugar thing you were talking about?
    you tried it?
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    that's the one. didn't do squat.
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    There seems to be a coat of clear paint over the front that covers the painted portion on the chrome face including the logo. So I don't think you can ever remove the logo with the sugar thing.
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    you could try acetone, but that could also remove the paint on the treo.
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    Try Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) or Toluol with caution if you can get your hands on these nasty chems. As with Acetone watch the paint, but they remove anything.
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    MEK WILL MELT ABS PLASTIC AS WELL AS OTHER PLASTICS!! however it doesnt do squat to polypropolene.. lol... so beware!

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