Recentrly, I have been receiving this error message while trying to Hotsync and the only thing I can't sync is my Outlook contacts:

********** Contactos de Outlook (OEM) Synchronization Beginning - 08/09/2006 04:21:43 p.m. **********

ERROR: 00001013
Excepción en la línea (648)

Unknown name.

682: AbConvert
13377: BaseConduit
12725: BaseConduit
12144: BaseConduit
6395: BaseConduit

ERROR: 00001013
Se ha producido un error al convertir un registro de Outlook al formato del portátil.

Jacobo, Tío

680: AbConvert

Contactos de Outlook Synchronization Aborted - 08/09/2006 04:21:44 p.m.

As soon as my Treo begins the Contacts sync, the first contact cause it to abort. What can I do ??? Any help is appreciated.