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    I'm trying to import my corporate phone book CSV file into Contacts through the Palm Desktop application. I know I've done this successfully in the past, but when I try it now the Email field always shows up as a Work field (ie. a phone number) on the Desktop and the Treo (once I sync).

    The preview of the import shows that I am mapping Email to the Email field, but it still shows up incorrectly once the import finishes.

    I've tried rearranging the columns in the raw CSV file so that I don't have to do any remapping during the import. Still comes in wrong.

    This seems to be a bug with the Palm Desktop software can anyone confirm that they do or do not see the same issue before I try reinstalling? You can create a test CSV file easily with Excel. For what it's worth, I'm using the Desktop software that came on the CD w/ my Sprint 650.

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    Create one Contact in Outlook with all the fields filled in that Outlook supports - export that to a csv or Excel - then map your Palm Desktop contacts to that Excel file and save as csv for import back into Outlook.

    I've experienced similar issues and the above is the only solution where I got the mapping correct, with the ease.
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