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    1. When I am in a call and I receive a call, the current call volume drops VERY low. I select "answer" and the screen then shows both calls active at the same time. However, neither party can hear me, and the 2nd caller continues to ring and eventually goes to voicemail. Both calls are then disconnected.

    2. Hold does not work. If I am in a call and I press the Hold button, nothing happens and the caller is not put on hold. Because of this, I can not use conference calling.

    3. Blazer does not keep history. I can open Blazer, completely load several pages and then view the history page and there's nothing there. This was working fine until I cleared the history for the first time the other day.

    Anyone have any advice on these issues? I know the call waiting issue has been posted, but the other posters don't seem to be having the exact same issue as I am.
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    Ditto to this entire post.
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    I only have the #1 issue.
    And Sorry, I've never really looked into it.
    But maybe now I will.
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    I reported a problem similar to your #1 to Pa1mOne over a year ago. Every time I receive a second call when I'm already on a first call, the volume on the first call drops noticeably and immediately after the call waiting beep, regardless of whether or not I accept the second call. It's almost as if there is only so much volume, which must be shared by the two calls. This is a very basic flaw in the Treo, which I would have expected them to have fixed quickly. With all their experience and new ROMs, you would think this would have been addressed by now.

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