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    I'm a registered user of Puzzles-in-Motion. It's a great game. Since I upgraded to a Prism, I am trying to find the color version of this game.

    Anyone know where I can find it?
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    Their home page says:

    Technical Software Solutions, Inc., the creator of "Puzzles-In-Motion", has begun negotiations to sell our Palm game to a very well-known software publisher! The name of the game will probably be changed and the initial screen will change to indicate the new branding. The game will then be re-released under the new name by the new publisher. The initial release will probably not contain any new puzzle objects, but a future release will be a knock-out!

    With the new publisher, we believe that "Puzzles-In-Motion" will get into the hands of a great many more Palm users than it has to date. The more users there are, the more puzzle packs there will be!

    I have enjoyed every minute of working to give you "Puzzles-In-Motion", and I hope you have enjoyed playing it. I think the future will bring many more exciting developments for this game!

    As always, thank you for your interest and support!

    Larry Roy
    Technical Software Solutions, Inc.
    and nothing more. I think you'll have to wait.
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    Actually, I did a Yahoo search and found it here.
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    I followed your link, downloaded it and installed it. Thanks!
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    This says it's just a demo. Did you get it to work without having to pay again, or is it not a free upgrade. This has long been one of my favorite games and I'll probably buy it again if I have to. (But I'd rather not )
    If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice...
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    I just installed it on top of the mono version. I didn't delete anything. (I wrote down my registration code first to be safe)

    It now is in color, and it still shows as registered. The game is even cooler in color!

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