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    I have the Palm Hard Case for the Treo and like its thinness. Does anyone know if there are any skins for the 700p that when put on the phone will still let the phone fit in the case? If not, any other ideas. I want some sort of skin/leather case to protect the phone and also attach it to my belt. I like the protection of the hard case.

    I bought the Sena Combo but it was really bulky and hard to get in and out with one hand--say while driving. Excellent quality though.
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    It will still fit in the case with "egrips" on,
    not a real "skin" but nonetheless protects the phone somewhat and makes it grippy.
    Here is a link:
    My second favorite case is the nutshell case
    Here is a Link holds the phone very tight to your side and easy to get the phone in and out. Work ok with egrips too.
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