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    I am now having problems replying or forwarding emails to my wife's gmail account. Here is the error message I receive in Chatter (I have redacted the actual address):

    This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification

    Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:


    Technical details of permanent failure:
    PERM_FAILURE: Parse Error: Illegal To: address (invalid domain name):


    Has anyone else run into a similar problem? This just started last week and I have upgraded to the latest stable release, but it hasn't helped. I can send to my own gmail account without difficulty. I will send you a log momentarily.

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    Sounds like a problem with the address you're sending to. Or, more likely, just another in a series of Gmail bugs.

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    I have sent the log.

    I don't understand why sending to her email address would suddenly generate such an error when nothing has changed with her account. The "send to" address is correct and I can sometimes be successful when I reply directly to emails that she has sent to me. Very odd.

    Thanks for your advice.

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