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    Hi all,

    I have a quick question. I use Profiles 1.02t by Milan on my T650. I really like this app, especially the trigger function which changes the profile automagically. I have a profile called <Silence> which I use from 11h30pm to 6h30am, configured with the <Mute> function in the <General> tab. This function mutes ALL sounds from the treo.

    Yesterday, I started looking for an alarm app that would wake me, sometimes at 6h00am, on other times at 9h00am, etc. Unfortunately, it will sometime fall in the time my phone is muted completely. Tried WatchM, mobileClock, MegaClock. None of them can bypass the <mute> function that the profile uses.

    My question is this: Is there an app that can bypass that mute function without me changing Profiles or changing anything else?
    - Jeeman
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    What I do is set Profiles to turn the radio off at bedtime. I don't need the mute function since the phone is off. Alarms would then still be audible. Then I schedule Profiles to turn the radio on after my alarm. Simple.
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    Good idea, thanks a lot for the tip!
    - Jeeman

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