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    It seems that ptunes is messing up, or so i think.
    I get error connecting to network...could not connect...or some other errors when I open>internet audion.
    Happens to almost all the channels after a few days. More often now.

    Also I can not put each channel as just one single line on the play list.
    they would have about 3 or 4 lines like so;


    Then when I want to switch I would have to press forward 4 times to skip the same station. I dont think it was like this on my 650.
    It used to be
    Radio station 1
    Radio 2

    any ideas?
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    I've been having problems with shoutcast too. I haven't been able to get to the site through my pc's web browser the past few days.
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    I entered all of my internet radio stations manually, in order to bypass the shoutcast server.

    They now work perfectly.


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