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    Hi guys,

    I have just released version 2.1 of Lunar lander Simulator. For some who are new to the Lunar Lander Sim, this game is the most realistic lander simulator ever developed on a Palm/Treo/Zodiac device! It combines real physics modeling, Houston voice annoncement (of altitude, velocity and fuel level) and realistic lander malfunctions (failure like fuel leak, radar malfuction and so on).

    For some of you who downloaded previous versions but could not stop but crash here a better way to learn to land successfully.

    This new feature in version 2.1 makes the lander land itself safely while giving you a on-screen instructions on how to do it yourself! To run the demo, simply click and the “Demo” button on the bottom right of splash screen. After few moments, you will be taken to the regular cockpit but this time the computer is in control. There is no need to press any keys or use the joystick. Just watch and pay attention to the on-screen instructions. Once you feel confortable, then just press the "New" button and flight the lander yourself to a successful and much deserved landing!

    My hope is that this demo will help you better enjoy the game once you pass the frustration of the first few lander crashes. Use this feature to show the game to your friends without the risk of crashing in front of them!

    get it here:

    Lunar Lander Simulator 2.1 at PalmGear

    Lunar Lander Simulator 2.1 at Handango

    I hope you will like it.


    ps: LunarSim21.prc is for Palm/Treo (320x320 and 160x160). LunarSim2LS.prc is for Zodiac owners (480x320)
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    Version 2.1 (320x320) and (160x160)

    Version 2.1LS Landscape version (480x320)

    Hello to all,

    Ok here the landscape 480x320 version of the lunar flight simulator. This version should work on T3, T5, TX and LifeDrive in addition to the Zodiac. This really for people who in addition of the Treo have those large screen Palm (lucky you!!!).

    Hope you will like it.



    ps: Again, the previous landscape version only worked on Zodiac. This one works on all Palm with 480x320 like the T3,T5,Tx,LifeDrive
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    Sounds like a great update, Momob!

    Do users with a V1 registration need to re-register for V2?

    Treo 755p / Sprint
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    Hey nice to hear from you and thank you for you kind words about 2.1LS No as usual, all Lunar Lander Simulator updates are free. The only issue is if that if you had a version below 2.0 then you will need a new reg code (free of course).

    Check out your PM.

    Thanks again.

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    Hello guys,

    As a space buff, I have been fascinated by the "Space Week" TV serie all this week on the History Channel (it is a great serie, check it out!). So in honnor of the "Space Week", I am happy to let you know that for a limited time*, Lunar Lander Simulator 2.1LS is only $11.95 That's a 20% discount from the regular price!

    You can check it here:

    LEM Simulator 2.1LS



    *Offer ends Tuesday October 24th,2006

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