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    I recently downloaded and installed some sounds for my Visor Deluxe, now I canīt get rid of it :-(
    Every time I hot sync via an external modem, a stupid melody starts for about 15 sec! There is no general sound selection menue in the Visor, no sound selection in at least one application, no sound-type setting possibility at all?

    How can I change sounds/ get rid of sounds and restore the original sound/beep??????
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    How you can revert back may depend on what sound files you installed.

    If it was a hack (like TrekSoundsHack), turn that hack off.

    If it was a replacement System_MIDI_Sounds.PDB file, then you'll have to locate an original one. An original Palm System_MIDI_Sounds.PDB file can be found here. Just install it like any other Palm software.

    If you did something else, then we'll need to know exactly what you installed to determine what you need to do (short of a complete reset) to get the original sounds back.

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