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    There have been a great deal of questions come up regarding the 'new' licensing arrangements with Good Mobile Messaging (formerly GoodLink). I have put this FAQ together to try and address what I will hope will be the lion's share of the questions.

    1) What is the difference between the old licensing model and the new licensing model?

    -Under the previous model, GMM was sold on an annual subscription model. What that meant is that each user cost a fixed amount every year. The 'new' (I quote that because we have been in this model for about a year now) is a Client Access License (CAL) model. This means that the licenses are a one-time fee as opposed to an annual subscription.

    2) Where do I get the CAL's?

    -Cingular and Sprint BUSINESS customers (those that deal with a B2B representative) can purchase CAL's through their carrier. For Verizon and other carriers, you purchase the CAL's through Good directly. Your carrier rep may not like it, but CAL's, regardless of their origin, are agnostic. Therefore, for example,if you have 50 users, 25 on Sprint and 25 on Cingular, you can purchase 50 licenses from either Sprint or Cingular and use them for all of your users. You could, of course, purchase 25 from each carrier as well. Entirely up to you.

    3) What about this Good Data Plan thing?

    -Part of the change in licensing is that instead of charging an annual subscription, the carriers collect payment from Good customers via their montly bill. GMM users on the CAL licenses will need to switch their data plans over to the Good Data Plan (GDP) as soon as possible. The GDP is instead of, not on top of, your current data plan. All three (Sprint, Verizon and Cingular) GDP's include unlimited data access.

    4) How much is the GDP on...?

    -Contact your respective carrier for pricing and details regarding GDP's.

    5) What about T-Mobile, Alltel, etc?

    -For carriers that we do not have resell agreements (including international users) in place with, GMM users would need what is known as Secure Transport Service (STS). The STS is an annual fee that is paid to Good in lieu of the GDP paid to the carriers. This is $240 a year. So, when added to the CAL. it is roughly the same price as the old sub model.

    6) My carrier has no idea what a GDP is.

    -Remember, this is fairly new for them as well and with organizations as big as the carriers are, sometimes the information is very hard to find. If you have a business account manager, they should know about the GDP. The issue seems to be with the consumer/retail sector. I will try to get the carrier SKU numbers for the GDP so you can tell your rep exactly what you need.

    7) Can I just buy all my CAL's through Good?

    -While we would prefer you go through your carrier, we can look at individual situations differently.

    8) I have more questions..HELP!

    -I am sure there are other questions. I am going to lock this thread so as to try and keep it clean and will update it as other questions arise. I will create another thread for questions.

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