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    I'm got a new laptop from work and I am having trouble getting sprint connection manager installed for it. If I check the 700p drivers option the software won't install and tells me I need to install the latest version of Palm Desktop.

    From some previous threads it seems that only version 4.2 from the palm CD will do the trick. However, I lost my palm CD and the only version available on the web is 4.1.4e which Sprint connection manager won't recognize. =( =( =(

    So, if anyone knows a work around or is generous enough to upload version 4.2 somewhere I would be forever greatful =)...
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    Maybe a newer version of the connection manager will work? Just a guess.
    Choose Windows XP and download the second option. (Connection Manager for Phone as Modem/USB Cables)
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    tried already. no luck =(

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