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    I nearly missed a friend's birthday a few days back, as I usually rely on my Treo's calendar app to remind me. As we know, the calendar app is supposed to show a birthday reminder on the day itself, if the birthday is defined in the contact's record.

    However I realize on more than one ocassion that this doesn't happen reliably all the time. If I recreate the entry (delete birthday, add again) it will show but its obviously not a practical solution for all the contacts I have.

    I have tried a hard reset, and restoring only the calendar and contact DBs but well it still doesn't show.

    A little problem here I know, but well, I wish I could rely on my Treo more instead of worry about missed info like this.
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    Why not enter the name/birthdate in the calender and make it a repeat yearly event with an alarm? Ben
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    Are you sure the birthday is set in the contact's record, and not as a repeating event in the calendar itself?

    Take a look at the sticky at the top of the page:
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    Yep its set in the contact's record. Setting a yearly event manually works of course but that's not ideal since I'd have to do it manually for each, and well if it's supposed to work 'automatically', why shouldn't it?

    Read that sticky, thanks but well I don't use Outlook, in fact given the sync problems I have with Missing Sync, I use my Treo as a standalone device without syncing with anything...

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    Gotcha. Not sure why you're seeing that. Birthdays seem to work fine for me.
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    Oh well. One of those quirks I have to learn to live with I guess. Thanks anyway.

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