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    Hopefully someone can help me figure this out. I switched from sprint to verizon & am trying to use their wireless sync, which looks really good. I requested admin rights on my work computer & installed the software. The wireless sync worked fine as long as I was logged in with the admin rights. When I log in without the admin rights, PC Monitor will not work & it says that it could not load information for all of the users.

    I called tech support at Verizon & they said that there was no way it would work unless I had continuous admin rights. They also said that a port (22?? I think) had to be opened on the exchange server.

    Does anyone know how I can get around this or get the port open?
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    I can't remember what port the software uses so I can't help there. Verizon's comments sound a bit odd to me...but you never know. I am not familiar with the current redirector.

    To get around the Admin rights thing you need to open regedt32 and navigate to the proper keys. I used to work for the company that created WirelessSync but have no exposure to it now so this is from memory. The old key was:

    HKLM\Software\Synchrologic (probably Intellisync or Wireless Sync or similar). Right click and set the permission for your user to allow full control and I bet it starts working for you. Also make sure that all of the subkeys have full control too. Hope that helps and sorry I can't be more specific.


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