A friend and I got our Treos roughly the same time. I opted for the 700p and he got the 700w. We both bought the Seidio extended battery. In our trials and experiments with our phones I have noticed my battery runs down much, much faster than his. I text alot, use email sparingly and have a few calls during the day. He emails alot, uses Excel frequently and has more phone calls than I. Neither of us use a 3rd party email program either and we both leave the phone on the charger while we sleep. Today we both started using our phones at the same time but my phone is down to 17% and his is at 49% after 12 hours of use. I will also add that starting on Monday I have been trying out instant messaging programs and I understand that will drain the battery faster, but our observations are based on the time before Monday and this is going on 2 months that we have had the Treos.

My questions are these:

Is it possible I got a bum battery? Have contemplated buying another one to see.

Is there a difference in the OS? Does one use more power than the other?

We are going to switch batteries to see if it is a battery issue but I thought I would pose the question(s) here as well since I know many of you are more knowledgeable than myself.

Thanks for the help!