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    OK... So I've been living with some of the issues of compatibility between the Plantronics 510 and the Treo 700.

    The question is... Is a firmware update for the Treo 700p coming any time soon to fix this stuff?

    Or do I just go an buy a new headset that I know works...

    It seems like as soon as I go buy a new headset..Palm will release a firmware update.
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    I gave up on my Plantronics 645 today. I have been waiting for the update but I bought the Samsung WEP200 at Fry's when I saw it. I have 30 days so the clock is running on Palm. If they miss the 30 days I'll have a 645 for sale....

    So far so good on the WEP but I haven't had much time to try it yet. We shall see...
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    I couldn't agree more - we desparately need a firmware upgrade to fix the BT! Every headset I had tires has problems. Considering going back to a wired headset until this crap gets sorted out, if ever..

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