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    I no longer want to use Versamail, however it won't let me delete my details... is there a way of removing all user data from this application?
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    Use something like FileZ, sort by Creator, and delete files with "asc4" as Creator ID. There might also be a few with asc8, etc.

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    Can you suggest someplace I could find the various filenames (and creator codes) associated with VersaMail? I have a problem whereby VersaMail crashes my 650 when I try to enter any "To:" address while creating a New email.

    I figure that there must be a corrupted file that's caching the outgoing email addresses. If I could figure out which one to delete, perhaps I could start sending emails again!
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    I think the Creator IDs are all "asc4" and "asc3" but try a search for asc4 and/or asc3, i.e.:
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    Thanks, but I was already familiar with that KB article. It didn't help.

    I have a suspicion about the cause of my problem: I don't think it's a VersaMail file that's causing the problem. I've deleted all the RAM-based asc3 and asc4 files, renamed the VersaMail directory -- everything. Several times. Carefully.

    No matter what I do to VersaMail and my desktop Backup directory, when I re-synch, enter the server info, and start a New message, as soon as I type a character in the "To:" box, there's a pull-down with a bunch of suggested destination email addresses. If I type one or two more characters -- POOF! The 650 resets. (If I start with a period, it resets right away.)

    I had been under the impression that the suggested "To" and "Cc" addresses were cached from previous message destinations. Now, I'm pretty sure that they are coming from the address book.

    This suggests to me that the problem is either a latent bug in the VersaMail application (too many email addresses in the address book, or some configuration of addresses that exposes a bug); or my address book database is corrupted in some way that doesn't show up anywhere else.

    What I hate about VersaMail is that there seems to be absolutely NO support for it, whatsoever. It's not as if I didn't pay for it. The cost was bundled into the price of my Treo 650!

    If only I could tell VersaMail to stop providing suggested destination addresses...

    Sigh. I guess I have to go and pay for SnapperMail, and suck up precious RAM space. GRRRRRRRRR.
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    Would this help, dbScan.prc from the DateBK6 download file?

    Before trying Snappermail, try does a great job! While I own both, I perfer Chatter...

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