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    Hey guys...
    pretty new to this forum. I am hoping that someone can show me if there is any app to replace the current PHONE app on the 650.

    It is nice and all, but i just want to know if there are other out there. FREE or otherwise.

    another thing is the message app. it can do the job. however, i got a problem. as my friends sometimes have 2-3 mobiles (!!) numbers and when they send a message with this new number. i want to directly set it to a contact that i already have. currently, it only allow me to set up a new one. i dun wan to have friendA (mobile1), friendA (mobile2).

    can help?
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    Try Takephone. I haven't tried it myself but it is recommended by other users on this forum. This may solve your multiple numbers issue also. If not....

    You can assign multiple mobile numbers to a single contact name. When you are in your contact edit screen, select the arrow next to a field and change it to "mobile". You can then assign a second/third etc. mobile number to that same contact.

    Hope this helps.
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    yes.. this helps.. trying it out now...
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    Unfortunately, TakePhone does not provide or add any additional functionality to the messaging system. It's pretty much just a "Phone" app replacement.
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    Takephone is the best dialer out there, bar-none. As for SMS, Iambic Mail from the Agendus Pro package (I'm not sure if you can get IMail on its own) can also handle SMS.
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    Agendus Pro is nice, but 40 bucks!! :/
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    Quote Originally Posted by MedicWill View Post
    Agendus Pro is nice, but 40 bucks!! :/
    Only if you're ethical!


    Which I am, of course.
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    ok..i got some problem with take phone...

    i use the find function and i am able to find the number by name or by number quite easily...however, when i 'tap to dial' it errors to "Telephony library not found (050A)"

    any one has any answers??

    so far..i quite like it... but. it is a little complicated... something apps needs to be able to be little cleaner, simpler...

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