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    Hi guys, I love my Treo 700p, but it really sucks as a recording device for rock concerts. My treo 650 was just as bad.

    When recording video from concerts, the sound quality is TERRIBLE on playback. I mean it's not even decipherable as music. Does anyone know of a way to improve this? Is it possible to hookup a small external mic?

    Your feedback appreciated.
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    sounds like bootlegging. isn't it illegal to record at concerts? anyway, the Treo has limitation due to hardware. external mic will probably not help.
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    This is funny because I had a related problem with recording a foghorn. I thought it would be neat to record the sound of a lighthouse foghorn to use as a ringtone, so I got within reasonable proximity to an actual horn and made several attempts at recording the distinctive sound. What I ended up with bore no audible resemblance to a foghorn. I'm not sure that it has anything to do with the "quality" of the device as it works just fine for speaking....
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    The camera/audio recording are definitely not the treo's strong points...
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    You can try many things I guess, I've seen people recording off their phones many times. I've even seen tape covering the mouth piece when recording, but the camera itself is to low in light anyways...not even worth the effort.
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    It would be best to grab an excerpt of a DVD and convert it to .3gp using conversion software. The Camcorder on the treo sucks, especially for sound. However, you can get pretty good sound quality using a 3rd party audio recording app such as mVoice, so it's not a hardware limitation!

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