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    Hello everyone! I switched over from Nextel to Sprint about a week and 1/2 ago and got the 700p and so far am loving it! Although yesterday i had a problem the LCD was flickering non stop even after a reset and removing the battery a few times, i went to sprint today and replaced it, so far so good.

    My question/problem i am having i had on the other 700p before it was replaced. So i know its not the phone. I use AOL mail with versa mail, and the first few days i had it, it worked great. But what i noticed last week with my old one and this new one today is when i press "get" for new messages it signs on goes to inbox, and saying checking for new messages. Thats where the problem occurs. It stays on that "checking for new messages" for a while then a error pops up and says "The rest of your message could not be received Please try again". I then get NO new messages. If i keep pressing it a lot! sometimes i will get lucky and FINALLY receive my messages. But is this an AOL problem or a problem using it with Versa mail. The reason i got this phone was to check my AOL account which i use for work often. And with this its lately just no reliable enough i cannot reply on it when i am on the road. I have my Gmail account with Versa mail and it gets emails great! and downloads them very fast too. Its just weird that the AOL mail use to work great and get my messages right away and then last week i noticed it was having some serious problems. And now with my new phone, i am have the identical problem.

    I am hoping someone can give me advice and hopefully a solution to fix this so i can do some work on this and rely on it when i am on the road which is very often.

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    gasp! no replys?

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