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    I have setup a rule in Microsoft Outlook to redirect email to my fastmail account, which gets pushed to Chatter. The problem is that whenever a message gets redirected, Exchange never includes attachments or CC: recepiants. Is there any way around this in Outlook? Thanks.
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    Doesn't fastmail have limitations on attachments?
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    No, I am 100% positive it is not a Fastmail issue. I tried the same thing, redirecting to a few other accounts, and still no attachments or CC list. So it is definitley an Outlook issue.
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    i have fastmail what do you mean limitations on attachements, you mean size wise? because i dont think i have ever had a problem with attachements, unless they are huge ones.
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    Free fastmail accounts have a 10MB attachment limit, 20MB per hour transfer quota and 40MB per month transfer quota.
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    This is more of an Outlook quesiton, nothing do do with Fastmail.

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