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    Call me old fashioned, but does anyone make a WIRED car kit that allows you to plug in a wire to the bottom of the phone (not a cradle) which then lets you use an external microphone and the car stereo speakers with a 700p?

    I have a IHF-1000 and the sound quality over BT is crap no matter where I put the microphone. I dont care about the BT element of the kit, and I would like it to charge (hence requesting a wire!)


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    sorry to go off topic but I have the IHF-1000 also and notice that connectivity with the 700p is sporadic - some days I'm connected, others I'm not. Also, some days it will announce that I have a call but then the actual conversation will not go over the IHF but rather over the handset until the call ends and then the IHF kicks back in to say "call ended" Finally, when the IHF announces an incoming call, it announces the number of the prior incoming call, not the current one.

    Is it just my unit or are these common headaches with the IHF-700p combo?

    Who should I be pestering for a solution, Motorola or Treo?


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