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    Hi, recently took over my brother's Treo 600 and I noticed that after charging the led light shows as solid green even after when the charger is disconnected. A soft boot or hard boot doesn't seem to get rid of it. The battery indicator would show a full charge with a green lightning bolt. Every so often the lighting bolt will switch from green to red and vice versa. This is the same for the led, it goes form green. It is at this point I hear a beeping noise as well. At least I can get rid of the beeping noise by muting the system sound. It's not after about 6 or so hours, I notice the green lightining bolt disappear from the battery indicator and the led is flashing green again.

    Could this be a hardware issue or software? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    You might want to replace the battery, I am on my 3rd...I have to keep mine on the charger constantly maybe get 2hrs of talk time before it starts resetting....You can also try and disconnect and re-connect the battery, sometimes it's just a loose connection. search the forums for 600 battery
    lots of info.......please bring out a 750 soooooon. cingular

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