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    anyone know how I can completely clear my 650 of everything? I am sending it to lockline and i dont want any information on it. Thanks!
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    search = "zero out reset"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tastypeppers View Post
    search = "zero out reset"

    Didnt find anything under that or "completely clear", "compelte reset", any other combination you can think of....
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    does a hard reset not do this??

    Hold down red power button while pressing reset, when the option comes up, press "up" on the 5 way to completely erase everything.
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    There was a flurry of threads around this time about cell phones and confidential information. It resulted from a news story. I heard a radio reporter on this who interviewed someone at Palm and the bottom line is that Palm (unlike some other phones) has this "zero out" methodology that you can use to completely clear the phone.

    At that time I looked on the Knowledge Base at If you go there you'll see (somewhere) a page with the four or five different resets ranging from soft reset (take out the battery) to zero out reset (where they kinda recommend that you have someone to do it with you because they intentionally made it hard to do).

    Hard reset is not the same as zero out reset. Hard resets will not wipe the phone. Zero out reset wipes the phone and rewrites the memory with zeros and ones to obliterate anything that was in the phone.
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    I bet you that this is one major marketing trick done so successfully by Trust Digital. Practically every recent news article mentioned the original one from AP and every one of them mentioned Trust Digital and that one phone which contained secrets of one man's affair.
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    click here for the step by step procedure for doin a zero-out reset
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    thanks to everyone for the info!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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