I am a new Treo user. Just bought the 650 a few weeks ago. No problems thus far until now. I set up the treo to work with my work email, microsoft outlook client, and it worked fine using the wireless sync and thier email software.

Until now....after i connect to the network by turning the phone on using the red button, it crashes after a few minutes and the screen is black and nothing i can do will turn it back on unless i take the battery out and put it back in. i think the problem is the email wireless sync. I got an email, with 8mb of attachments, and hit download all by accident yesterday. now ever since then, its not updating the sync right now then the crashing problem happened. if i have the device on but not connected to the network, everything is fine, it doesnt crash so i think the problem is the email....

what do i do? i'm new so i don't know a lot. do i delete the email account and re set it up? how do i even do that? is it redownloading all the attachments and maxing out the memory and hard disk? how do i even check my hard disk to see if it is full or the memory?