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    I installed a small app called Palm Piano on my treo, and instead of running, this app caused by treo to be in a continuous reset loop. I did a hard reset and it solved the problem, but when I sync to get my contacts and other info back, it again goes into a reset loop.

    What can I do? Did this little Treo virus back itself up in the palm desktop? If so, how can I get it outta there???

    Any thoughts will be much appreciated.

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    Rename your Backup folder in the C:\Program Files\Palm\YourHotsyncID\Backup to something else.

    Then re-do the hard reset and it should be gone. You may need to re-install your programs and files back. Just make sure you don't re-install the Palm Piano app back. Most likely, the program wasn't compatible or supported in the Treo 650 and not a virus, so don't panic. There is no known virus for the Palm or Treo since 2000.
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    It's fairly unlikely that there's an actual virus involved, it may well be a simple incompatibility. Hold up on your five-way while you reset and that should get you past the reset loop. Then you can delete Palm Piano with FileZ, McFile, your launcher, or whatever...
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    do a warm reset... delete palm piano using filez, resco explorer or any similar app... then reboot... that should solve the problem
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    thanks for the replies. I took care of the problem. The problem was that the piano app was reinstalling itself upon a hotsync because it was in the backup folder. Instead of renaming the backup folder, I just deleted that darn thing out of the folder. But thanks for pointing me to the backup folder. Palm's software's help wasn't very helpful...

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