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    Ok, you gotta make-em. But what did you expect for free, you chowderhead! But its easy, even a numbskull like me could do it.

    I was bored at work. I figured there had to be three stooges ring tones outthere. A google searched yielded mainly images I had to pay for. NO thanks.

    Instead I found a bunch of 3 Stooges MP3 clips from a website called Wavcentral, but these are MP3's. You just gotta follow a few easy, FREE steps to Stooge ringtone nirvana.

    1. Go here;

    Right click on the file name you want and save to your SD card for FREE.

    2. Download the awesome Minitones for FREE to your SD card or sync by your preferred method. I dont have any other ringtone program, so I dont know how they work instead of using this suggestion. Up to you.

    3. Use Minitones on the Treo to save them as ringtones in the Treo. After they are saved as ringtones, you dont need them on your SD card, bc they are saved on the RAM Treo memory. The mp3's are only a few seconds each, so they dont take much memory. MOE LARRY CHEESE! is one of the longest, around 14 seconds. You can trim them with Minitones if you want.

    4. Assign them as you want within Sounds and Preferences, and/or Butler if you have it. Note; with butler you have to pick a the Stooge MP3 in "Tones" as set up by Minitunes, it wont see it if you choose the MP3 button, for some reason.

    A couple of thoughts; I use "HEYMOE" for SMS message notification and to nag me in butler.

    -I use HELLO HELLO HELLO for unknown callers.

    -I use OH, A WISE GUY! for known caller not assigned a particular tone.+

    -PocketTunes also plays the mp3s.

    -If you wanna create a laugh in meeting or someplace else, play the ringtone through Sounds and Preferences.

    WOO WOO Woo
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    Possibly the best post I have seen in a month.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dannyboy22 View Post
    Possibly the best post I have seen in a month.
    He's a very intelligent imbecile!
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    Quote Originally Posted by drugstorecowboy View Post
    He's a very intelligent imbecile!
    Hey! I resemble that remark!
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    Hey, wake up and go to sleep.

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