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    Hello all,

    I will be receiving my new Treo 700P today and have a question regarding my setting up it to sync to my companies Microsoft Echange Email (Outlook 2003). First I would like to apologize for any ingnorance as I am a brand new and first time PDA owner and this is one of my first posts in any forum as well . I have run many searches regarding this topic and have found some info but not as much as I would have liked.
    I have heard Goodlink is the best program to use to sync to a company Excahnge email server opposed to Versamail. My main question is since I just bought a Treo 700P is this good link application to download free or is there a cost to me if I want to do this? Also if there is a cost, is it a 1 time payment or monthly recurring? Obviously I would not like to pay any extra if I dont have to so if Veramail is free are there any benefits to using Goodliunk continuously opposed to Versamail?
    Also, is it hard to actually sync your PDA to your Microsoft Exchange email? I would consider myself a very computer literate person so I assume I can figure it out on my own even if I am new to this whole topic, but are there any quick pointers I should know first that can save me time. My company does have a firewall I believe and I think I would be connecting witha VPN. Not sure if that changes anything.
    Thanks for everyone's help and if there are any additional posts out there that address these issues that I have not found just let me know. Thanks again.

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    Your IT needs to have Goodlink Server installed with a conduit to the Exchange Server. Yes, there is a one-time license fee and monthly recurring costs. The Goodlink forum has more information.
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