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    Hi All;

    I'm a new Treo 650 owner and attempting learning how to sync to Yahoo Web services calendar and contacts-(I'm a SBC DSL customer) and MS Outlook simultaneously.

    I know how to use Hot Sync to sync to my computer's Outlook application. I've downloaded a product called Intellisync from Yahoo and was able to hot sync to Yahoo Web. Unfortunately the product seems not to support infrared.

    My goal is sync with Outlook and simultaneously snyc to Yahoo Web with a one step process.

    Does anyone know if this is possible with a one step process?


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    Don't think a one step is possible. I keep my PC synced with Yahoo using intellisync and then use hotsync for the PC to Treo. One of the problems you'll find with intellisync is that it tends to add duplicate items. Often if an item is modified, it will think it is new and then try to add both the old and revised item in both places.

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