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    After reading everyones comments about their favorite software, I was curious as to what people have spent money on and found out later that A) It was a piece of crap B)Found something better and don't use it anymore or C) Got so excited when they got their PDA and started buying everything that looked somewhat useful.

    For Example. Soon after I purchased my Visor Deluxe I purchased Quick Office (Hadto have it) Now it's not even on my Platinum. I didn't need it and probably never will. But I have it now................just in case.
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    My nomination:

    - StreetSigns (Trekware) - $50 mapping software

    files too Big and awkward to use.
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    My vote is PickAPalm (magic card trick) by HOTRIX. It's just plain stupid.

    Also GOBAR v2.2 (launcher) No support, No color

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    Sadly, peditpro. Good idea at the time, but too complicated for the big documents for my tiny brain, and duplicative for the small memos since I have MemoPlus. Purchased QuickOffice when it came out, and I removed peditpro.
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    TotalCar - never could figure this crap software out. Now I just use a ThinkDB tinyByte

    MealTip - I had the worst trouble firguring out how they did the tax junk. The tax rates changed every time I went to a different county with no support from MealTip. Version 2 actually caused hard resets on my Dlx. I just figure it up tips in my head now, like I always did.

    Both of these were hasty purchases as soon as I bought my Dlx at Christmastime. Make sure you try out the entire demo period before plunking down even a nominal registration fee.

    Before I buy anything now, I search this discussion board to see how other user's experiences went.
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