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    What voice dial app are you using and happy with?
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    I am using VoiceDialIt 2.0. I personally think it is a great program but I am no expert and if anyone out there thinks there is something better I would like to know, but I purchased it and not really going to go to anything else right now besides, the trial only allows 10 contacts but it actually only let me do 6 but I had deleted a couple before redoing them, so .....but anyway I am very happy with it.
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    I second VoiceDial It, works great on my 650 & now my 700p.
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    I tried VoiceDialIt by VoiceIt Technologies and VoiceDial by Voice Signal (confusing, huh?). VoiceDialit was ok, but I wound up buying VoiceDial. The main difference is that VoiceDial does not require training, i.e. it is voice-independent and works on your whole contact list, not just certain ones you've recorded. It seems like it would be hard for that to work, but at least for my average voice it works fine, it gets the right contact the first time about 90% of the time. Still, there are a few contacts for which it just doesn't work no matter how many ways I've try to say the name. (It would be nice if you could select a contact and ask VoiceDial to pronounce the name the way it "hears" it.)

    I've also tested VoiceDial with a few of my non-native-English-speaking friends and my 5 year old son, and it works surprisingly well with all of them. The current version also allows you to lookup contacts (without dialing them), open applications, send emails, etc. with voice commands but I find it quicker just to use the Treo buttons for such things.
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    I use VoiceDial by Voice Signal and have been very happy with it.
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    Isn't VoiceDialIt 2.0 somewhat buggy? I read that the developer is working on an update.
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    Do either of these apps work with a bluetooth headset?
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    Nothing does. That much I know.

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