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    I have been a Treo 650 user on Cingular (unlocked)since February 05. Recently my tlelphone has been cutting out with a dial like constant shrill tone during conversations. It does so no matter whether I am speaking to the other party when they are on a land line or a cell phone. I have checked with Cingular and according to them it is not a system problem. I have installed software like takehphone, treoguard, and other similar software. My question is, has anybody else had this problem and if you have how have you cured it? Thanks
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    my buddy's 650 used to have that problem... its a hardware thing... palm replaced it for free since it was still under warranty at that time...
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    I have just acquired a new Treo 650 fm Cingular. This after much discussion on the phone and instore. They determined that it was a unit problem. Had to "upgrade". Old unit was 18 months old. Thanks for your input

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