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    My 700p keeps freezing. It has had the same software on it or more than a week with no issues, and now all of a sudden it is freezing up while it is off. When I go to use it, it does not respond to any button presses. It requires a hard reset. I tried an erase / restore. The first time resulted in an endless reset loop. The second time, I restored my apps one at a time and was able to get it to function. It is still freezing randomly when off. It seems like it does it when I am in the basement or another area where it may go into roaming mode. Any ideas?

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    How about holding the button for a few seconds - chances are it is an application that is utilizing the Treo's resources doing something in the background. Do you have any apps like ChatterEmail?

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    My 700p occasionally freezes on occasions and won't wake up immediately. It is somewhat dependant on the first button I push - if I try to initiate my Treo by using Blazer (I have a button mapped to Blazer) then it sometimes takes a good thirty seconds to initiate the screen. During this time no other buttons respond either. Hopefully this issue will be addressed with the anticipated Firmware upgrade...

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