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    I am wondering if there is any available Palm OS applications that work with the 700p to do the following 3 things:

    • Index of Catholic with descriptions
    • Holy day information that interfaces with the built-in calendar app
    • App that brings up the liturgy for each weeks.

    I am looking for these apps with a particular Roman Catholic emphasis.

    Any help woudl be appreciated.
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    So, the Devil has an interest in the Catholic Church.
    Just call me Berd.
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    A search on Catholic at brings up a number of applications. Having no formal Catholic experience I am unqualified to evaluate whether they meet your requirements.
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    If you sync with Outlook, I believe you can add holidays into your calendar which will then show up on your Treo calendar app. Not sure if this helps and I can't help you with the other two. Sorry.
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    there must be an app, that's not outdated that inputs holy days in to the calendar. I just can't find it....

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