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    I am looking for a good image viewer for my Visor Deluxe. I used to use FireViewer, but it has a MAJOR problem. I want to keep tons of pictures on my Visor in a CF card, and transfer them to memory to view them. It seems that FireViewer combines all of the images into a single database file which cannot be parsed up to allow single picture management. I tried to manually copy Palm formatted photos to the CF with my computer and then putting the CF in my visor, but it crashed FireViewer. Seems it doesn't like anything but the standard picture installation.

    Is there a program that can handle my pictures as individuals and let me do my own file management?

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    I need to look into this more, too - I love Fireviewer (Nice to be able to scroll around images larger than 160x160), but Fireviewer doesn't like FAFileMover.

    You might want to check out Handspring Photo Album... your images are automatically crunched down to 160x160ish, but the software doesn't mind if you move the PDB's on and off of the CF card.

    HS photo album doesn't exactly create separate PDBs for each image, but it does use an "Album" system that can read from multiple PDB files... so it's a little bit of a workaround, but you could theorectically just use one image per album. Or create separate albums for family/friends/enemies/etc.

    Download the HS Photo Album here:

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