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    Just updated to 50619 today. Haven't had time to test too much but the data was pretty zippy clocking in at 942 kbps at 2wire. If you haven't updated in a month dial *228 then 2. This is in the northeast...apologies if this is late, but I just noticed today
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    Been using that here in the midwest. Haven't noticed any difference - Glad it is making a difference for you!
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    I am in the northeast and have that same PRL rev., but haven't noticed much change ... of course I'm typically in and out of EVDO service.

    I wish that VZW would provide a PRL update that would stay locked onto an EVDO tower when one is available. At work, I'm between two towers, one with EVDO and one with only 1xRTT. The phone constantly swaps between the two, and when using data, always seems to prefer the 1xRTT, even though the signal is nearly the same from both towers. And of course, this doesn't help with battery life. On the few occasions that I've been in a strong EVDO area all day, the battery life is great.

    Enough venting ... not really Palm's fault ... I wish VZW would rollout more EVDO towers and/or provide a better PRL fix.

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