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    I was recently cruising some forums here and there and came across a very hard-to-find browser for PalmOS. Picsel Browser is an embedded, OEM-only browser based on the same ePage rendering engine Picsel uses in the Picsel Proviewer product. It won't download files and the text entry is limited to 80 characters, but the interface is fast and slick and the rendering is great--better, I think, than NetFront 3.1 which is similarly hard to come by. Because they refuse to sell this product to the public and it's atrociously hard to come by, here's a link to save you some trouble. If you like the product, buy a copy of Proviewer and by my reckoning at least, you're in ethically sound territory. While you're there, e-mail Picsel and urge them to sell this product to the public!
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    I used it before for a while. But I did not like that it disconnects data connection every time I close this browser and sometimes it disconnects even during work when I read the page for some time and then going to surf further it would connect to GPRS again. Not convenient actually, expecially when you have some connected IM client in background. And it loads pages extremely long time, I guess it consumes a lot of traffic as well. On the other hand it is the only browser for Palm OS able to render most web sites properly.
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    use blazer and access :
    just type any website u want to browse, it will be rendered automatically
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    Quote Originally Posted by esatyawan View Post
    use blazer and access :
    just type any website u want to browse, it will be rendered automatically
    Is there any way to bypass or avoid the split pages?

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    It is rare, but very good . I love how it looks, it is rendered very nice but it is only good for viewing and not responding because of the limited text input.
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    Is NetFront a browser? Can u provide a link?
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    I would like to try NetFront on Treo as well. If somebody uses it successfully please attach here.
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    Picsel was very nice, but had to be patched and get some extra files to get it to work

    However, it does not work on the 700P

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