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    I'm getting my 700p in a few days and just trying to figure out what case i want. I think i want a skin/holster combo and am between the seidio bundle and the speck skintight bundle. Im leaning towards the speck one just because its cheaper but the only thing that concerns me is the holster. Has anyone had any expereicne with the holster? I use a seidio holster on my ppc 6700 and i like it but id rather pay 25 then 35 so if the speck one is sufficient then i will go with that. Just looking for some feedback from people who have used it. Thanks

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    So far I like mine. I have the skin tight on the 700 of my sisters, and a Toughskin on my 650. No problems to report. I was told by someone that they would stretch out after some time. have not seen that issue at all yet at over 4 months already. I know mine has been saved several times already as it fell off of my pants getting out of the car, but that was my (and the seatbelt's fault).
    I have just been using the clip that it came with, so I can not say about other holsters.
    I have not had either of these pop out of the holster yet, even when it fell to the pavement.
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    I got the SkinTight for my 700p several weeks ago and have been very happy with it other than the problem with it stretching. A friend of mine has the ToughSkin and is also happy with it. One other note is that using a SD card with the skin on can be difficult, although I am sure that you can cut an access hole to remedy the prooblem.

    Overall, the protection that it offers is far superior to many of the leather cases that are out there, IMHO....

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