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    Every time I soft reset my treo 700p it is losing the connection with my sd card? I have to eject and re insert it each time. I am using a Transcend 4gb. Is this problem likely the card or the treo? Anything I can do to fix this?
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    Anther "only on PALM" story.
    So I have figurd out the problem.
    If you leave bluetooth on when you soft reset the TREO 700p, it loses it's connection with the SD card. You then need to eject and re-insert the card for it to be able to access the card again. This does not happen if bluetooth is turned off prior to soft reset.
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    It seems there could be a timing problem with the Treo that needs to be fixed (read that here somewhere). There is CradleCare which evidently has helped several people with the disappearing card problem, although I have never used it. If you search you will find a couple of relevant threads. I lost my card a couple of times a few days ago (Transcend 4GB) and stopped using the automated functions of BackupBuddyVFS and RescoBackup as a test (haven't used them at all for backup lately) and the problem disappeared. But it's not really clear where the problem is and I cannot fault any program at this point.

    I suspect that CradleCare might help you out of the immediate problem but the fundamental cause doesn't seem to be quite clear yet from what I have read.

    Hope this helps a bit.
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    Well, I see you answered before I finished my message, but I'll leave it there for reference purposes.
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    Thank you for the response. Let's hope that each of these issues is eventually resolved. I can't imagine it will be too much longer before we see a firmware update.
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    This is a known issue that can be triggered from having too many alarms,alerts or hacks during start up. CraddleCare fixes the problem for most users, but it seems that for big cards it doesn't really work. I am waiting for Jeff Gibson to come out with a new version that will solve this problem.


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