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    I've never tried downloading new ringtones (like parts of songs), but want to try. What's the easiest and least expensive way to do this? Do I need a 3rd party app, or does my 700p already have this capability? I don't need to assign different tones to unique contacts, etc., I just use one ring sound for everything.

    Any recommendations and tips would be appreciated!

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    download minitones...its free...install it, and then copy all the ringtones u want to ur sd card....mp3 ringtones....or email them to yourself and save them on ur using minitones...and BOOM
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    just my 2 cents... minitones is a buggy piece of crap. It is my dream program, it has the EXACT functionality ive always wanted.... except, it doesnt ever work... I've had rather poor experiences with it on my Sprint 700p... i hope it gets developed further though, cause it will rock
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    Quote Originally Posted by FuManChuu View Post
    just my 2 cents... minitones is a buggy piece of crap.
    I've experienced no problems at all and have made over 20 ringtones from MP3s. I'd try it before purchasing an alternative.
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    I, too, have had zero problems with minitones - I love it....
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    ya , no problems here...its amazing
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    Well if you have a computer with bluetooth, the easiest is to download to the computer and send the file via bluetooth. Works with midi, wave, and AAC files.
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    will this work IF I dont have a sd card yet?
    I have a mp3 file that i can play in ptunes but when I open minitones there is nothing there
    what am I missing?
    can someone walk me trought how to set an mp3 file as a ring it even possible without sd card?
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    c'mon ya all....anyone?
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    Here's what I do: I use a sound editor to create a clip of an existing file I want to use as a ringtone, such as an MP3 song. When I'm satisfied with the way it sounds, I save the file in .WAV format, mono, 22,050 Hz. Then, I simply HotSync this file to my Treo, and it magically appears in my sound preferences.

    This technique takes up more memory on the Palm (because WAV files aren't compressed), but it's pretty easy and doesn't require any special Palm software, just a standard sound editor, which you may already have anyway. (If not, there are free ones like Audacity.)
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    i just use lightwav and quickinstall mp3s to my SD card. voila, new ringtones on demand
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    download audacity, use that to add effects or to just trim down your wav or mp3 file, export to desktop as mp3 or wav...

    download itunes and drag file into that and right click and convert to aac file

    then drag aac file to desktop

    upload tone to phone via an uploader

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    no one answered this, do I have to have memory card? or can it by installed right into the ram?
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    Ha. This is what I do. As I have convenient access to a webserver, all I do is upload my wav files to the site, then hit the site using Blazer and save it as a voice memo, then use the built in Voice Memo program to send it to ringtone. Over the weekend I finally found, and uploaded the classic Star Trek communicator sound - something I would think should come as near standard equipment on cellphones...
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    man this is some bull, everything I try I can not upload new ringers to the phone

    keefer, how do you save to your voice memo using balzer
    am i having all this problems because I dont have sd card?
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    With minitones, it can be saved into ram. I have used Lightwav, Ringo, and mRing and my phone would constantly crash. I used minitones to move some mp3's in ram and my phone has not crashed ever since.
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    ok, how do I get it into mini tones? I cant drag, wav, mp3, wma into the palm sync software,
    everytime I downloade form internet ( my web server) it shows up in ptunes and I cant do anything with it.....Im missing something, this just cant be so complicated
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    dude, just quickinstall the mp3s to your sd card or memory via hotsyncing...... whats with this webserver access nonsense
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