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    wish I could,
    the palms hotsync software wont let me drag and drop .wav, .mp3 into it and same by right clicking in the handheld space and trying to add files that way....
    it says its an incompatible file
    I've ordered my sd card but I dont have it yet.....
    the only way I can get the mp3 or wav in my phone is by downloading it with blazer, but than I can only open it with ptunes and all i can do is listen to it
    this is driving me up the wall
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    so when you run "palm quick install," youre unable to drop media files into neither the palm window nor the SD card window?

    sounds like a faulty install. mine worked out of the box install. i just drop MP3s into the SD card box. then I hotsync, load lightwav and select the ringtone i want, then I can choose the position where I want the ringer to start.. very easy.
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    I can drop it into the sd card box but i dont not have a sd card yet
    and can not drop it into the palm ram memory window
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    I haven't tried it, since I've always had an SD card, but what about sending it via bluetooth?
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    Quote Originally Posted by macsteroni View Post
    dude, just quickinstall the mp3s to your sd card or memory via hotsyncing...... whats with this webserver access nonsense
    That's a fine way to process ringtones if you are using Lightwav, which is not a free app. The Treo doesn't allow mp3s to be used as ringtones without a thirdparty app. You can, however, use wav files as ringtones with no additional software needed. Its easily done by navigating to a website where the wav file is located and downloading it through Blazer, which save it as a VoiceMemo. From the VoiceMemo app, you get the option to "Save as a Ringtone" and from then on the wav file appears along with your stock ringtones.
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    Wow I have never had any trouble with minitones and use it constantly. I am using it on a 700p. I love it.
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    I tried doing like you said but I cant figure outhow to save it as a voicememo.
    it savesit automaticly into ptunes and its stuck in there

    I have minitones but nothing shows up in there....does itonly work of a sd card?
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    The original data sheets said that you must have a sd card for it to work, though I have not tried it with out it, but I think it will not work based on how you search for MP3 files.

    Any store, even gas stations have sd cards. Go get one. Do not waste time using the other programs. Nothing is better then being able to pick whatever part of a song you want as a ring tone. I cannot state that enough. Every other program I have seen requires you start at the beginning of the song and that is it. Nothing is simpler then using minitones.

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    cool, i orered one yesterday....should have it in few days
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    Quote Originally Posted by bartaholic View Post
    I tried doing like you said but I cant figure outhow to save it as a voicememo.
    Sounds to me like you are trying to save an MP3 as a ringtone - you can't do that on a Treo without a third party app like Lightwav. A wav file will open in VoiceMemo automatically - its the preferred app, unless something third party has changed preferences...
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    lightwav is worth the $25 imo

    it also has quite a few nice features like area code block, call filtering etc. i'm pleased with it
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