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    Ever since I got my 700p I've had this problem from the get go where after I did my first HotSync, I turned on the Treo, got the Access Powered Logo and then the Palm logo and then the Treo would turn off and then go into this never-ending loop over and over again until I did a hard reset. So far it's happened three times. Once from that hot sync, once from after starting a Palm third party app (must not have been 700p compatible) and once after dropping the 700p and the battery popped out and when I placed the battery back in along came the never ending loop. Why is this happening and is there a cure? I've never had this problem with the 600.
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    Did you try a clean install? It sounds like a program conflict...
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    A clean install? On the Treo or the Mac? I don't know how to do a clean install on the Treo.
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    I had one the other day, and a hard reset couldn't fix it. If the unit is new, return it for another one. If it isn't new, complain to customer service and return it for another one.
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    I use missingsync and when I want a clean install which is everytime I rebuild I remove all of the folders in my Palm user folder except for my SplashID database and missingsync prefs. I sync, add my apps but always say no to restore from backup.

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