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    Let me ask for your advise - the BT implementation is horrible on my 700p and from what I hear, evrything has been rectified in the 700wx. For example, a 700p former user claims how much louder and clear his Plantronics 640 is with the 700wx compared to 700p. If you were me (and this bothers me!) would you switch to the 700wx (I don't care either way - windows or palm, I just need better voice quality through BT), or have you heard of any rumblings about a ROM updrade for the 700p that will take care of these known BT issues? Thanks.
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    I would say you have to decide which side of the fence you prefer. If BT is what matters to you (with the headset), then maybe the wx is the way to go for you. If you like WM5 then definitely make the move. Former 6700 owners on SU are raving about the wx phone app and the rest of the device is much more polished, apparently, than the w on Verizon. If you like the Palm OS, I would wait for an update.
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    Let me ask for your advise - the BT implementation is horrible on my 700p and from what I hear, evrything has been rectified in the 700wx.
    Just to be clear, Palm had nothing to do with the rectifying of Bluetooth's behavior on the WX, WinMob has a better BT stack and it's been that way for a while.

    If it is really important to you, I would recommend either changing BT headsets (some work louder than others, some don't work with the 700p at all) or going with the 700wx... after all this time Palm has done little to address the difficulties of BT and I've lost hope that they'll do too much about it in the future, though I hope I'm wrong
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    It angers me that the bluetooth implementation is so bad on such an expensive, "smart" phone. Its not a limitation of bluetooth, because cheaper phones have much better implementation. No voice dialing via bluetooth, connection issues, etc...just really get under my skin. If I were designing a phone, this would be a priority and as it is implemented in the 700p would be completely unnacceptable for production.

    That being said, If you want great bluetooth go with a sony erickson, or something other then a treo. I wouldn't want to change from palm to winmobile, for just the bluetooth. It is a substantial change in various areas, and I suggest you spend an hour or two playing with one, before you switch.
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