I have a new Treo 650 that has the following issue with my Acura TSX Hands Free Link: I can pair the phone, make calls, accept calls, and I can hear the person on the other end. However, they cannot hear me. When I transfer control back to the phone, they can hear me. I know the mic in the car is working because my previous Sony Ericsson phone worked fine. I tried doing a hard reset and pairing the phone with nothing else - same issue. My software version is: Treo650-1b.17-CNG.

I tried calling HFL help, but the guy kept saying that I need version 1.01 or higher. I told him it was 1.17, which is the latest version, and he said it was probably the "b" in the version number that was causing the problem. I gave up at that point. Can anyone suggest something to try? I'm at wit's end.