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    Hello, I have installed tomtom 5 on my SD card (treo 650).
    When i try to install maps on my SD car it give me an error saying that it cannot install the files because there is no application on my treo capable of opening them. It says that I should run the application first and then try another hotsinc

    I have opened the navigator app and it works fine. Until it says that no maps are found obviously.

    Please help!
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    Copy the maps directly to your SD card using a card reader or Card Export. They should be in folders off the root of the card, ie, /Alaska
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    Thanks for the help but it is not working.

    On the SD car I have the following:

    Tomtom (where the munich file etc is)
    and then i created a map folder (UK)

    Still it says no maps are installed

    Please help!!
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    Hi Pablo, asuming you're Spanish speaking I advise you to visit this thread where you will find clearly how to install it and most commom mistakes
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    Thank you very much Amstel.

    Everything is working fine now! Thanks a lot!

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